A Jewish Heroine: Ruth Gruber

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Ruth Gruber (97 years old), an award winning journalist, author and activist, recalls her personal involvement in some of the major moments that led to Partition and the Creation of Israel, including her time on the boat The Exodus (1947).

Leonard (Spock) Nimoy- Member of the Tribe

My folks came to the United States as immigrants (aliens) and they became citizens. I was born in Boston, a citizen. I went to Hollywood and I became an alien. Spock was the embodiment of the outsider, like the immigrants who surrounded me in my early years.”

What it means to be a member of the Tribe

Judaism today finds as many interpretations as there are Jews. There is no right answer . But as long as there is some answer then perhaps there is hope for future generations.

Gene Simmons slams Obama

Perhaps Gene can enlist the KISS army to rally and vote for him into the senate. He might have a shot at being chosen as Secretary of State. He might want to brush up a little on his knowledge of the Entebbe hijacking however. In any case lets give Gene a big tick for saying what many others keep under their make up. Nice one gene

Member of the Tribe – Tamar Dolev

Tamar Dolev is a Jewish visual artist currently based in Melbourne.