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Short Film- The Funeral

Arnold Cowan is not a religious man. He doesn’t believe in any of that nonsense. Which is a bit of a problem because his son wants a proper bar mitzvah,

Mel Brooks: Make a Noise

Brooks has never participated in a biography before and requested that his friends not talk about him – until now -insightful

Dancing in Jaffa

How do you get Jewish and Palestinian Israeli children to put aside their differences and work together? World champion ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine has a dream: to see Jewish and Palestinian Israeli children dance together.

Pizza Bagel

What happens when a traditional Italian father prepares a Kosher dinner for his son’s Jewish girlfriend and mother?

Hava Nagila (The Movie)

Reveals the power of one song to express and sustain identity, to transmit lessons across generations and to bridge cultural divides and connect us all on a universal level.

Dawn of the IDF

When Brad Pitt\’s character in the movie World War Z is tasked with saving the world from a zombie pandemic, he receives help from an unlikely source – the IDF

The Rabbi’s Cat

A graphic novel and animated movie, celebrates a lost Algerian-Jewish way of life and wonders what it means to live as a person of faith in a world that doesn’t share it.

PINI- King of Jewish Web TV Comedy

The culture clash — over hummus and Bamba, the difference between Wales and England, and British reticence compared with Israeli familiarity — is explored with comic aplomb as Pini navigates life in a dingy London flat and work at a greasy spoon café.

Tribal Films – Off White Lies (Orchim LeRega)

After years of living apart from her dad, Libby, an introverted yet sharp-witted teenager is sent to live with him in Israel.

Miral,a Palestinian story. Don’t forget to bring your Katyushas

Jews have been threatened with extinction for over 3000 years and it takes a little time to feel comfortable and safe.

Lipstikka-Art can find a way

Israel in the last few years has had the moral high ground stolen from underfoot. The Palestinian cause is treated by most of the world and media as was the Vietnam conflict. Rightly or wrongly Israel is now seen as the pariah, the occupier.