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Confessions of Jewish Women

Posted on ‍‍December 23, 2011 - 27 Kislev 5772 by Editor

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Catholics may confess through a screen in a box, but Jews do it in public. Preferably with an audience. There is also a proud tradition of truth-tellers from Belle Barth to Lenny Bruce to Sandra Bernhard who take a more in your face confrontational stance for the pleasure of challenging convention.

That Jews have has such an extensive contribution to comics is well documented. But the focus has been mainly on men and superheroes.

The significance of the achievements of these artists is important in a culture where confession has become a currency.

These artists and their themes hit a collective nerve. Triumph of weakness over strength where admitting your failures is rewarded, and the exposed vulnerability is  the ultimate success.

Take some time to explore each of these artists contributions. Some will make you laugh, others may shock you. In either case both men and women may learn a little more about themselves and the other.

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