Israel out of Eurovision…Thank goodness!

Posted on ‍‍May 15, 2011 - 11 Iyar 5771 by Editor

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This is one of those times I am glad that Israel has missed out on being included. The entry for Israel was the previous winner Dana.

Dana and her self penned song  ‘Ding Dong” somehow won the finals in Israel to represent it in Düsseldorf for this years contest. (see previous post here)


As you can see the title itself is already a warning that this entry was never going to win anything except the worst song ever written. Closely followed by the viral YouTube hit Friday. Which by the way the  cast of Glee reprised in recent episode. Perhaps Glee producers might want to grab Dana as a special guest for the next show. Given that it tackles topics like homophobia, Dana would be a good fit as a transgender entertainer.

How the producers, public  and judges in Israel ever came to agree on Dana’s song as the entry is beyond music sense. Israel has won the contest  three times. So there is no shortage of reference points.

Ok so this not world shattering news and no doubt life will go on, even for Dana who was the first to leave after the finalist were announced.

I have provided a YouTube playlist of all the Israeli entries since 1973. Also you can read a detailed list here at Wikipedia.  There are some very famous Israeli singers and song writers who have been involved over the years. Including  Shlomo ArtziGali Atari,Ofra Haza,Rita and Shiri Maimon amongst others.

If you have time to flick through the videos you will notice how much the contest has changed. But I think the more interesting aspect is the snapshot of changing fashions. Check out the hairstyles and clothing from 1976 through to 1989. It really is a time capsule of the changes over the years.

Oh and as a shameless self promoter for those of you who like to hear the songs and the history behind the artists of the last 50 years. Melbourne’s local Jewish radio station Lion FM 96.1 has a program which I help produce called Flashback. Hosted by Oded Gordon and Vered Harel every Tuesday @ 8pm. Check it out. International readers can hear it via the Lion FM website here.



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