Letter from Israel #3

Nevertheless Jerusalem is calm – people are nervous but still they move about as usual just keep an extra eye open. Everyone has a different feeling but the ideas seem the same.

Miral,a Palestinian story. Don’t forget to bring your Katyushas

Jews have been threatened with extinction for over 3000 years and it takes a little time to feel comfortable and safe.

Voices of Provocative Women of the Bible

She is the first woman in her family to continue her family legacy of distinguished Persian and Jewish musicianship.

Vashti-Purims real heroine?

Purim is now used as a vehicle for teaching tolerance, raising awareness about domestic violence, and encouraging children to act according to their own personal set of values.

Purim-and now for something completely different

Jewish humour certainly as an outgrowth of Yiddish humour has a distinctive flavour to it.

Purim story comes a little early

We may want to see the likes of Galliano as relics from another era or as mere eccentrics, but they are expressing a set of attitudes that remain deep in the soil and which have never been fully shaken off