Latkes and Lights. It must be Chaunkah!

The story of Chanukah is hardly given a mention in the entire Talmud. Less than one page is devoted to it, while other holidays receive entire Tractates reviewing the holiday in depth and detail.

Letter from Israel

With the joys and the sorrows, of trying to make a life in Israel, I thought that her experiences might be of interest to others. Gail has kindly allowed me to publish her letters as she sends them.

P.A has Altzheimer’s

The PA seemingly doesn’t want a state. It finds any way possible not to come to the negotiating table. Rather than deal with facts as they are and move forward, they prefer to be stuck in historical debates. It’s a Freudian method of trying to solve issues by digging through the past and in this case denying it

Dancing leads to Sex

even though there seems to be plenty of opportunity to dance at weddings and other simchas,there is one area that seemed forbidden,till now!

Jewtribe-the tom toms are beating

Trawling around the net as I do, one comes across plenty of interesting articles and websites. So in this post I call Drum Beat I will point you to on occasion some things you might have missed.

Jews in the middle east? It never happened!

Asking the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, after Netanyahu had done the equivalent for their prospective state, would appear to be the soul of fairness and reciprocity.

Of bikes, men and mountains

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TED Tel Aviv was held in April 2010. If  you don’t know what  TED  is then visit their website. You will find many inspiring and informative videos from some amazing people  from all over the world.

Here is one from Computer Science Prof. Shimon Schocken. He is a passionate biker and hiker who believes strongly that outdoor sports can lead to profound psychological and mental change. In this inspiring and highly entertaining talk, Schocken shares his journey to found and lead a special programs for rehabilitating juvenile delinquents through mountain biking.

Hip Hop Hannukah

Hip Hop Hoodíos is a collective that includes members of Grammy-winning groups like The Klezmatics, Santana and Ozomatli.

Jewish Voices rapping for peace

There are a growing number of converts, curiously from the music industry, who are finding their “mantra” in either Orthodox Judaism (excuse the mixed religious invocation) or at the very least in reconnecting with a distant or estranged heritage.

Dave & Simoina-An Indian/Jewish Love fest

He is Jewish and she is Indian. Watching it you cant help see the love between the two. But also the watch the families their joy and how they express themselves with arms outstretched during the dancing.

Israel is, if not a ‘rogue state’ than at least ‘rogueish’.

Gabriel Latner is the Cambridge University law student who was assigned by the Cambridge Union debating society to argue the affirmative side of the proposition, “Israel is a rogue state” on October 21, then used the opportunity to take on others on his side and argue in favor of Israel. His conduct earned him a lifetime banning from the Cambridge Union.

Identity Crisis: Shylock and Hershell

Racism is man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason”